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How to register on Space Fortuna?


To create your Space Fortuna account, click the "Sign Up" button on the home page, then fill out the quick registration form. You will then have to activate your account by clicking on the link received by email.

Is it possible to open several accounts?

Only one account is authorized per person (name, account, IP address). The opening of several accounts, a prohibited procedure called "multi-account", will result in the immediate and definitive closure of all the accounts concerned. If a group of people wish to play on Space Fortuna from a shared computer environment (dorms, fraternities etc.). In that case, they are advised to contact customer service beforehand to avoid unnecessary security procedures.

What to do if I don’t receive the activation email?

Please get in touch with our customer service if no activation email has arrived in your inbox or your spam folder. An agent can activate your account manually after carrying out security measures.

I forgot my password. What to do?

Click the "Forgot password" button to start the password reset procedure or contact our customer service directly.

Are minors allowed to play on Space Fortuna?

The Space Fortuna site is strictly prohibited for minors. The minimum legal age to register on Space Fortuna is 18 years old.

How to stop receiving emails from Space Fortuna?

Click on the link available at the bottom of every email to unsubscribe.

How to validate my account (KYC)?

To have your account validated by Space Fortuna, please send the following required documents by email:
- A valid copy of one of your identity document (national ID card, passport or driver license) with visible picture.
- A 3-month proof of address (fixed utility bill (water, electricity, gas)) containing your full name and current address. These elements must be identical to the ones in your Space Fortuna account.

Mobile service bills, private insurance or payslips are not accepted.

If you deposit by credit card:
- A copy (front/back) of your card (part of the card number can be hidden as follows: 4444 55** **** 6666, just like the 3-digit code on the back)
- A bank statement with your full name, IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code

If you deposit by Skrill or Neteller:
- A screenshot of your Skrill or Neteller account with your account details (name + email address).

How to change the currency?

The currency selected when creating the account cannot be changed afterwards.

From which country is it possible to play in Space Fortuna?

Customers from the countries listed in our registration form are able to register and take advantage of our platform


What to do in case of latency in games?

Be sure your browser is updated. In case of a slow internet connection, restart your router and/or close other sites and applications used on your device. If the problem persists, please get in touch with your internet provider.

What should I do in the event of a technical problem during a session?

Close the game and start it again. It will pick up where it left off. Suppose it is not possible to restart the game immediately due to a computer or internet connection problem. In that case, the round will generally occur in your absence, and the winnings will be automatically credited.

What to do if a game crashes during a session?

Please verify your connection and/or log out and then log back into your Space Fortuna account. If the problem persists, please use another browser after deleting the cache files and cookies.


Is depositing on Space Fortuna safe?

All funds deposited on Space Fortuna are kept in stable and recognized banking institutions to guarantee security.

Are the games fair?

The games offered by Space Fortuna include a random number generator (RNG) and are controlled by an independent company. The winnings are distributed randomly, without considering the losses or the gains. The player can thus win several jackpots in a row.

Why are certain documents required?

To comply with specific legal requirements, Space Fortuna must ask each player to provide documents allowing, among other things, the verification of their identity. This information remains strictly confidential. However, these may be transmitted to the competent authorities in the event of suspicion of fraud or abuse.

What license does Space Fortuna operate with?

Please see the site's home page for licensing information.


How to deposit on Space Fortuna?

To make a new deposit, log on to Space Fortuna, then go to the “deposit” section of your account. Then select the payment method you want to use to deposit, the deposit amount, and follow the instructions.

What are the available payment methods?

Space Fortuna offers different payment methods for your deposits and withdrawals, including Visa / Mastercard cards, bank transfer, the popular electronic wallet Cashlib, Flexepin voucher, and cryptocurrencies.

Why was my deposit declined?

Some of the following reasons can cause your deposit to fail:
- Your card information is incorrect (numbers, name).
- Space Fortuna does not accept your card type.
- Your internet connection is unstable.
- You do not have the necessary funds to make your new deposit.
- You have reached your authorized payment limits
If the problem persists, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service.

What is the time limit for activating a deposit?

Deposits made on Space Fortuna are instant and immediately available in your Space Fortuna account. Only bank transfers may take longer.

What are the min. & max. deposit amounts?

The minimum deposit amount is €20, regardless of the payment method used. The maximum authorized amounts are available on our dedicated page.


How to withdraw my winnings?

To request a withdrawal, go to the "Withdrawal" section of your Space Fortuna account. Then choose the amount to withdraw.

When will I receive my withdrawal?

Withdrawals are usually effective within 48 hours, provided the account has been validated.

Why did my withdrawal request fail?

Some of the following reasons may cause your withdrawal request to fail:
- The amount requested is greater than the amount available in your account.
- The amount requested is less than €100 for a bank transfer or €20 via an e-wallet or credit card.
- The details entered are incorrect or missing.
If the problem persists, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service.

Why did my withdrawal fail?

- Your account is not yet validated.
- Your bet has exceeded the maximum allowed with the use of a Bonus.
- You have defrauded and/or not respected the Space Fortuna’s T&C, and your winnings have been confiscated.
For more information on how Bonuses work and are regulated, please see our Bonus Terms or contact Space Fortuna customer service.


How to contact us?

Should you have a question, a suggestion, or an issue, feel free to contact us via live chat or email at [email protected]. Our support team, aka Ground Control, is available 24/7 and always happy to help!